Generate mock data that looks, acts, and feels as real as your production data.

Realistic mock data at the click of a mouse

Intelligently apply generators to every column in your dataset with a single click, using automated data modeling.

Eliminate Hours of Sanitization Work

Prevent Data Breaches

Stop sensitive data from leaking into staging with real-time schema change alerts and automated PII detection.

Preserve Relationships Throughout Your Database

Work across tables to preserve your data’s relationships and privacy at the same time.

Get Only the Data You Need

Capture the slice of data you need with our advanced subsetter and scale it up or down to any size you want.

• connect directly to any data source

• synthesize and scale up, or de-identify and subset

• maintain referential integrity of data across tables

• operate across 10,000s+ tables and TBs of data

Senthil Padmanabhan,
VP of Engineering

"Tonic has an intuitive, powerful platform for generating realistic, safe data for development and testing. Tonic has helped eBay streamline the very challenging problem of representing the complexities contained within Petabytes of data distributed across many environments."

Kevin Paige,

"Tonic is quick to deploy, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly into our software development lifecycle without creating any extra work. It’s been a huge win for Flexport, equipping us with the real security we need to meet compliance obligations and safeguard our customer's privacy."

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